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Managing apartment complexes can be a lucrative, rewarding experience when professionals do it. At Creative Property Management, as our name suggests, we specialize in property management in Houston, TX. We help our clients increase the appeal and value of their rentals and keep the operation running smoothly. Our wide array of services is designed to make the most of your investment and lighten your workload.

Managing Residential Property

A certified property manager provides owners of rental spaces with peace of mind when they cannot be on the premises. There are several benefits to engaging a company for managing residential property:

Shorter Vacancy Periods

Certified property managers have experience finding and keeping good tenants for your property. They know how to vet potential renters and can select the families best suited to your units.

Higher Quality Tenants

Managing residential property requires a great judge of character and a reliable tenant-screening process. Our team also understands the importance of excellent references.

Longer Tenancies

Renters prefer well-maintained units that are administered by a certified property manager. They are much more likely to extend their lease if they know their concerns will be addressed promptly.

More Efficient Rent Collection

Engaging a property manager to facilitate rent collection means more timely rent payments. We also administer fees, address past due accounts, and handle evictions.

Lower Repair Costs

Certified property managers retain a list of trusted contractors, which means concerns are addressed more quickly and by companies with experience in multi-unit repairs.

Maintain & Increase The Value of The Property

By avoiding long-term issues with the units with the use of reliable contractors, the property not only maintains its value, but it often increases.

With over 40 years of real estate management experience, our team is prepared to take on any challenge. We can help you develop and execute plans that enhance property value. Whether you’re seeking legal and financial assistance or you need specialists to oversee your renovation, you can count on us.

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The Advantage of External Help

Relinquishing control of your rental can be difficult. Overseeing it, however, can be a time-consuming, stressful job. Directly owning apartment complexes is an active investment requiring daily oversight and a long-term strategic plan. That’s where we come in. Better property management means more money in the long run. Creative Property Management is uniquely equipped to understand your needs and improve performance.

We have a long history of reinvigorating underperforming properties, identifying their issues, and executing flawless renovation. To do this, we provide each client with the personalized attention required to earn a real income in today’s market. Call us today to start earning substantial returns.

Houston Apartment Association Honors Award for Apartment Management in Houston

Recipient of the Houston Apartment Association Honors Award (2018)

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