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Residential Property Management in Houston

When you're in the market for residential property management near Houston, Creative Property Management is at your service. Our knowledge of residential real estate and our direct application of that knowledge to each property we oversee is the key to our success in managing apartment complexes. The way we see it, property management is about so much more than collecting rent and leasing apartments. Rather, it's a specialization that requires a wide range of skills and vision to be properly executed.

Available Services

Successful property management requires consistent execution of a variety of tasks on a timely and cost-efficient basis. With this in mind, we offer the following services:

Leasing Expertise - We effectively advertise for new residents in order to produce qualified applicants and high closing ratios.

Resident Relations - Each member of our on-site team is trained in how to maintain positive resident relations while enforcing lease provisions, which allows us to maximize collections and enhance the feeling of a friendly residential community.

Property Maintenance - As professional property managers, we have extensive knowledge of maintenance costs and methods designed to help control expenses.

Vendor Relations - We have longstanding relationships with all of the major suppliers to the apartment industry which are invaluable to managing the procurement and payment process.

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Residential Property Management - Houston, TX Apartment Property Maintenance - Houston, TX

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Volume Purchasing - Our team saves your property money with volume buying power and second-to-none cost-cutting abilities, while working with vendors and suppliers to get you the lowest prices in the industry.

Accounting - We use state-of-the-art accounting software to assist in a timely preparation of monthly financial statements.

HUD-Assisted Housing - Our apartment management team has extensive knowledge of HUD's compliance and reporting requirements and is able to oversee and submit all required filings and prepare your property for physical inspections.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit - We are experienced in working with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and ensuring compliance with the requirements of the LIHTC program.